The bookmaker is a gambling establishment engaged in the reception of bets. The bookmaker evaluates the probability of one or another outcome of the event and puts a coefficient on each of the possible outcomes - a numerical value by which the bet is multiplied if successful. The main direction of work of most bookmakers is to accept bets on sports events on esports betting websites. At the same time, the number of sports offered for betting can reach 30 and include not only popular football, tennis, basketball and hockey, but also something more “exotic” like golf, darts or cricket. Everything is not limited to sports betting: some bookmakers offer to guess the outcome of significant events, including those from the world of politics and culture. In order to get a win at the bookmaker, you need to bet on any of the proposed results, which in the end turns out to be true. Bookmakers offer a variety of event results and a wide variety of types of bets. So, in a football match, you can bet on the victory of a team (bet on the outcome), on the total number of goals in the match or on the number of goals of one team (bet on total), on the difference of goals (bets with handicap). Total points, games and goals abandoned take place in basketball, tennis and hockey, respectively. On the whole, the range of results available for betting is quite wide; you can read about other types of bets in other articles of our Betting School. In addition, the player of the bookmaker can place bets on a specific event both before its start (pre-match) and during the game (live). In the case of live bets, the speed of decision-making is important, because quotes change much faster depending on the course of the match, the current result and time until the end of the meeting. The totality of the proposed events with all the outcomes and their corresponding coefficients is called the betting line. So you should look for all possible bets before the game in the “line” section of the bookmaker’s website.


Golf is a fabulous game; rewarding and similarly unforgiving. Along with teaching us a great many of life’s valuable lessons, the game requires a course on which to play – the test, if you will. Great golf courses gain our respect with their natural beauty and inspire us to make thoughtful shots and the use of one’s creative imagination. Though the game is an examination of both mental and physical skills, the golf course should above all be a memorable journey and a pleasurable experience. Golf courses should also provide solitude and promote camaraderie among our friends. I gain great enjoyment in creating these timeless and enduring environments and experiences with my clients.